Monday, February 7, 2011

You and Me Go Fishin in the Dark

We had a fun weekend filled with class, wrestling tourneys, ice fishing and a superbowl party!

My first experience ice fishing was a fun one. I am thankful we had a heater though (would have been cold without one.) Unfortunatley I didn't catch a fish, Luke caught one and I got some pics with it, but we were listening to music and laughing pretty loud. It was more about the experience than actually catching anything.

   Me and my fishing buddy :)

Did this have anything to do with us not catching anything? Probably.
   Took a picture of them taking a picture!
 Here's Gilbert, the one fish that was caught during our 3 hours of fishing.

I made the taco salad that I listed in a post a few days ago, I thought I would add a picture of how mine turned out!

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