Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I LUV Valentine's Day Decorating!

I posted my little centerpiece I made for Valentine's Day a few weeks ago. I was looking at my usual blogs (I tried to read a few every day.) There were so many cute ideas, I had to share a few.

Isn't this mantel adorable? She used tags from the dollar section at Target. They are really getting some cute stuff. I always stop and look for bargains there, usually I find something for my future classroom or my cute nephews. If I had a big fireplace someday I would love to do this.
This centerpiece is adorable! She just used wooden hearts and painted them. I love how she used real candy hearts in the bottom. Adore. :)
I thought this idea would be so cute, cheap and easy. Extra sprinkles? Glass candle holder? Candle? and Done!
pink candle Simple Handmade Valentine's Day Decoration

I thought this would be such a cute idea for a Vday gift for that someone special. Check out her blog at the link under this picture if you want to make your own. I did something like this one year for Tyler but I typed them up on little slips of paper and put them in balloons. He had to pop each balloon to read what I loved about him. :)

Here is another cute idea from the same site. This would be a fun thing to do for coworkers or family and friends!

I hope this gets your heart a pumpin' for Valentine's Day!

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