Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lola's Star Wars 4th Birthday

Each year Lola gets to choose what kind of birthday party she wants. I love that she always seems to pick something "unique." Since she aspires to become an astronaut- she is intrigued with anything space- and that includes Star Wars. Neither Tyler nor myself are big Star Wars fans, but she has really taken to it and so she chose a Chewbacca themed birthday party because he is her favorite character. 

It was definitely a little challenging for me but I loved coming up with some fun ideas to celebrate with my little girl. 

First let's start with the most important part of any party- THE FOOD!

Next here are a few photos of the activities we had set up for the kids. They enjoyed battling Storm Trooper with Light Sabers made from pool noodles. Then we battled Darth Vader as a piƱata. Lastly, we had a special guest who visited the party to open gifts and play games. 

She had a blast at her party and each child got to take home a special favor bag filled with Star Wars bouncy balls, fruit snacks, tattoos, candy and other fun goodies. 

Here are few more fun details from the day! My talented sister made the amazing Chewbacca Head Cake!

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