Monday, September 29, 2014

Punkin Patch!

With the official start of fall, we had to make our first trip to the pumpkin patch! We met some other moms from a stay at home mom group I recently joined to pick out some pumpkins. It was so much fun to let Lola run off some steam with other girls, and we got an awesome group rate which included a tractor ride to pick out our own pumpkin, admission into the kid's coral area, food for the goats, a juice box, and a bag of goodies (coloring book, postcard, and crayons.) We went  a little early to snap some pictures before we got dirty and sweaty. 

Lola had fun picking up the heavy pumpkins and toting them all around. She's getting to such a fun age where she really gets excited to do things. Her new thing is when we pull in somewhere I'll say "We're here!" and she will yell "EXCITED! EXCITED! EXCITED!" It is super cute.

Top: Carters Pants and Shoes: Target 

For the next two pictures, I asked her to show me how strong she is…

The weather turned out to be overcast and perfect for a day at the pumpkin patch. She picked hers out from the patch, and we grabbed a few for our front porch as well as one for mommy and daddy to carve. My favorite part is having the roasted seeds- yum!

We have our halloween costume ideas all set and I'm working on getting them all put together. We are going to take Lola to Night Eyes at the Zoo and possibly the mall to do her trick-or-treating. I think she's still a little young to be able to go from house to house. We always have a little party with soup and cider on Halloween with family.

I'm also working on getting a curriculum together for Lola's Tot School. We are planning to start the second week on October. Stay tuned for ideas on activities and crafts that we do!

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