Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lola's Playroom Reveal!

I am so excited to share Lola's playroom! When we moved into our house a year ago, I knew right away I wanted the room that was offset from the large basement area to be a playroom. At first, it just had the neutral colored walls that cover most of our house. I love the color, but for Lo's playroom, I wanted something crazy and fun. Since we had just finished Lola's chevron wall a few weeks ago (that DIY coming soon!) we were still in the painting mood to knock this off my never-ending Pinterest to-do list (which Tyler absolutely…loves!)

I searched everywhere for a fun and funky design that I wanted to paint on the back wall. I got motivation from this picture.


I like all the bright colors, and thought it was neutral but also girly at the same time. I went to wal-mart with ideas in my mind and picked out a few fun colors from their Disney Collection. I also chose a black chalkboard paint which I knew I wanted on one of the other walls. Here is the finished product!

My color choices were not exactly the same, I omitted the grey and made our own pattern. I also used a thicker painter's tape, to give it a bit more dimension! Tyler calls it the Candyland Playroom!

I also displayed a felt board that I scored at a garage sale. I definitely need to start making more felt characters once Lola gets a bit a older. She isn't super interested in this yet, she likes to just pull off the pieces and move on the next activity but I can definitely see myself using this as we do some toddler schooling this fall. The other picture next to the felt board is a clearance find from Hobby Lobby. I will admit that 90% of Lo's toys are garage sale, second hand finds!

She is really into babies lately, so I was excited to find this baby station for a whopping $5 at a garage sale. She loves giving them a bath, feeding them, and then rocking them to sleep. She uses the ironing board as a table and moves it around the room to feed her "guests."

My recent DIY was installing the wire/hooks for an artwork display. I found these on I am obsessed with that site, they have the cutest stuff! I made the vinyl quote on my Cricut Machine. I am definitely not a pro, and had to line up each word individually but I like how it turned out.

Lola also has a tea area set up where she loves to sit. You'll notice a chair that was her daddy's from his childhood. She loves to carry it around and plop down around the playroom. 

I bought a white organizer from Wal-Mart that houses all the other toys nice and neat! They are soft and easy for Lola to grab anything she wants out of it.

I also scored another organizer from our local buy,sell, trade which houses all her food and dishes. She loves to play shopping with her cart. The rug was a gift from my sister, I love how it matches the wall as well. 

Having the chalkboard wall is also nice for photo backdrops :) 

Hope you enjoyed checking out Lola's playroom! It was fun putting it all together for her. It's also great when we are home all day together, because we go down for a small part of the morning and the toys are all brand new to her. I try to rotate out the toys we display as well. I am also happy we have a separate finished closet so I can throw other toys in there that we are playing with! 

It makes me so happy knowing that she has a place for all her toys and will be able to come down and play independently when she gets a bit older! 

Also.. just so you know - this is what our playroom looks like on a normal day (although the layout has changed a bit - you get the idea.)

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