Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lola's First Birthday Recap

Since I have started blogging again I wanted to give a recap of Lola's 1st birthday ideas. We did a rainbow theme! I uploaded this picture below to pinterest and it has had over 1500 + repins! I felt pretty honored that it was repined that many times.

For our front door I made a rainbow themed wreath. It was very easy to  make. I purchased a foam wreath and ribbons from Dollar Tree. Then, I hot glued the ribbon on to cover it completely. For the sign, I cut out the triangles and glued them to the string. I used scrap book stickers to create the Happy Birthday Message!

At our entry way I created the number 1 out of pictures of Lola and her family and friends! For a special keepsake we had all our guest write a special message to the birthday girl in a rainbow themed animal book. I added a rainbow rings toy since it fit the theme so well!

For the poem, I took bits and pieces off of some ideas from Pinterest but here is how it reads -

Stop here you see
And write a special message to m e
A birthday wish, or just say hi, hello, or hola
To your favorite ONE year old girl named Lola!
On the front, the back , or any pages
It's something i will treasure for all my ages!

Here are a few more of the decorations we had out throughout the house!

For the banner I used her monthly pictures that I took with her stickers. It ended up fitting perfectly!

I had a girl in town make her adorable tutu dress and bow. I had her baby book out for guests to view.

For her high chair, I hot glued rainbow colored ribbon onto a thicker ribbon and just taped it to her high chair!

Here are the details on the most important part of the party - the food!

  • Rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sour candies on top
  • Pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles
  • Rainbow twizzlers
  • Rainbow pasta salad - we dyed the pasta individually and then made the pasta salad! Turned out super cute
  • M&Ms in rainbow order
  • Rainbow suckers
  • Rainbow layered Jell-O
  • Fruit Skewers
  • Rainbow goldfish
  • Assorted rainbow candy - nerds, gummy bears, gum balls 
  • Rainbow veggies tray with purple dyed cauliflower
  • Cheeseburgers and chips & dip!

Here are few more pictures from the party!

We are currently planning her big birthday bash for her second birthday! Our theme is Frozen - can't wait to share our details!

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