Monday, March 14, 2011

Adorable Overload!

My good friend Caity is having her baby shower in  a couple weeks, and I wanted to think of something extra special to give her (as well as a few things from her registry!) As I was looking through my blogs one day I came across this adorable idea for a personalized onesie (spelling?)

The thought is to bring the onesie to the hospital with you and when the nurse stamps the baby's feet on their certificate they just go ahead and stamp them on the onesie. Then you can hang it in the baby's room! I just loved the idea, so I decided I was going to make one.

Step 1: I bought iron on letters and the cute pink onesie from Hobby Lobby. Lay letters out on onesie in the order that you want.

Step two: Add a fine cloth (I just used a thinner dish towel) and iron on the letters.

Step three: Turn garment inside out and iron on the other side (I need a manicure... so sorry)

Then Tadaa! You have an adorable personalized onesie! Perfect for a new little bundle of joy.

I also made a cute flower headband for her. I love babies with these on - so adorable.

I just bought the headband (baby size) and flower and pinned them together. Came out to about 6 bucks (much cheaper than getting it at a baby store)

Here is the finished onesie with headband and zebra bib that I will be giving her! So excited for her little bundle of joy to arrive. I looove babies! :)

I love trying to be productive during spring break. I am also going to attempt to make a guestbook pen for my future sis-in-law for her wedding. Check back soon for how that turned out. I want to start making these for other people's weddings so I am excited to make it!


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  1. That is adorable!

    There is a lady down home who started a boutique of baby things like the headbands & tu-tus and and that fun stuff! :) (Her daughter-in-law does other things for them too like diaper bags and stuff.) Babies are so much fun!