Friday, January 21, 2011

Our amazing Wedding Recap!

Hello All!

I decided to start a new blog since I am married and all! I want to start adding cooking and decorating ideas as well, so check back often for cute ideas.

I can't believe Tyler& I have been married almost three months. We just got a sneak peak of our professional wedding pictures, from our amazing photographers - Huffaker Photography. After looking through all the pictures it made me want to start planning another wedding (minus all the headaches and few minor break downs..hey we all have them!) Hopefully, soon I will have a little sister to start planning for (hint, hint TR!) But for now I am happy helping my good friend Caity throw her baby shower soon!

Below I have posted a few of my favorite candid pics taken at our wedding by our friends and family! Enjoy and check back soon!
 I was an Iowa State  cheerleader, he was an Iowa State football player... we just had to do this!
 My gorgeous cake! (please don't pay attention to the plastic cups!)
 Hugging my daddy!
 High school buddies!
My sis, Cy and me!

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